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Call Time On The Insanity Of Net Zero

Throughout history human progress has been driven by technologies that are proven to work. 

Steam engines work. They powered the improvements that led directly to a jump in living standards for millions of people round the world. 

Successive governments have signed us up to a mad scheme to reduce emissions of CO2 and other so-called ‘greenhouse gases’ to zero by 2050 by relying on technologies that do not yet exist. This plan will not work and therefore will not lead to human progress. 

It also happens to be insane. 

These demented decisions are based on something that has been accepted by vast numbers of scientists as true but which there is no real reason to believe: the idea that further increases in gases like CO2 and methane will warm the planet beyond a level at which humans can live.

Green Grifters


Climate alarmism has become a lucrative industry in its own right. Whether people are securing research fellowships, selling books, making documentaries, flogging carbon offsets, trotting the globe on speaking tours, coining in government subsidies, selling solar panels or building wind turbines; the number of ways to profit from this needless panic have proliferated like a virus.


All these people need to protect their investments, their incomes and their reputations. That is what this nonsense is really about.


Breathe Easy


Carbon Dioxide is a trace gas. It makes up just over 0.04 % of the earth’s atmosphere. Human activity has added 120 parts per million to a baseline of 300 in pre-industrial times, almost all of it in the late 20th Century (the UK accounts for about 1% of this). This at first looks alarming– a 50% increase is unprecedented in recent Earth history. But the concentration focus is misleading as the power to heat the planet falls with increasing concentration.

This is an important and well-attested scientific fact. The effects on temperature increase are marginal because a kind of saturation point is reached. The whole of the human-sourced carbon dioxide contribution adds only 2 watts/square metre of energy to the earth’s surface, whereas the natural flux is 240 watts. We have so far added less than 1% to the only relevant metric concerning variations in temperature.

Call Time On The Insanity Of Net Zero

Imagine painting a white wall red. Coat number one will make the white wall considerably redder. Coat two will make it a bit redder. Coat three might make a bit of difference. Further coats are unlikely to increase the redness of the wall. That’s how the physics of heat retention by CO2 works. We have passed the point where adding CO2 makes any material difference. 

That’s what we are doing Net Zero for in the United Kingdom. The clean air zones; Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ; the green initiatives; the fields given over to solar farms; the unsightly wind turbines; the misery for cabbies, hauliers and farmers; the cycle lanes; the freezing pensioners; the panicking children; the endless coverage in the media. 

All of it to eliminate 1% of our world’s human emissions of CO2 which in any case has a marginal effect, if any, on the temperature of the planet. 

Besides, CO2 is plant food. Pre industrial levels were around 280 parts per million. If it drops below 150 parts per million the plants will all die, and then we will all die. 

During the industrialisation of the planet since the mid eighteenth century mankind has increased it to 420 parts per million by burning fossil fuels and releasing the carbon that became trapped in coal and oil millions of years ago. The provision of cheap and reliable sources of fuel has underpinned the growth of modern civilisation. Thank goodness for mankind!

There remains, however, a scientifically controversial issue concerning acidification of the oceans’ surface layers and this requires careful observation of effects upon ocean biodiversity which are as yet not apparent.

So Why?

I don’t know, but here’s what I think: just like in healthcare, so-called scientists whose incomes depend on doomsday scenarios shoehorn the facts to fit their own career aspirations. The graphs and the figures used to create the hysterical groupthink that today causes otherwise sane teenagers to glue themselves to roads and throw tomato soup at priceless works of art have been misrepresented and cooked for decades. 


Here is a clip of a United States Senator, Timothy Wirth, talking to PBS about the senate hearing in 1988 that many see as the birth of the man-made climate change lobby. 


Please Watch This Video

Wirth smirks his way through his proud description of the subterfuge used to con United States Senators into believing the problem was worse than it was. That culture of dishonesty has been the foundation of the climate alarm industry ever since. None of it is real - but so successful and well funded is the con that we are now on an economic suicide mission because of it.

Fraud on the Public

Andrew Bridgen Is Not Alarmed

Net Zero is not deliverable because even to attempt it will cost trillions of pounds. The technologies being advanced to achieve it have not been proved at scale and therefore they do not exist. Ask anyone who has ever tried to travel the length of the country in an electric car. All in the name of what is, in my view, an elaborate fraud on the public. 


This is against the backdrop of the highest CO2 levels in human history. China - which emits a third of the world’s man-made CO2 - is said to be building a coal fired power station every week. In them the Chinese will burn coal to power the factories to build the wind turbines to sell to your government to pursue its doomed objective of reducing Britain’s trace CO2 output.

Not Alarmed

Those new to the idea that man-made climate change is overblown or fake should familiarise themselves with the work of engineer Paul Burgess at

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For anyone worried about Carbon Dioxide I would also highly recommend this 2016 study by NASA. It shows that Carbon Dioxide from fossil fuels has lead to an increase in vegetation worldwide by an area double the size of the United States.

I repeat: thank goodness for mankind.

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You might also enjoy this film fronted by none other than Mr Spock from Star Trek in 1979 warning of the dire consequences of The Coming Ice Age. It turned out to be nonsense, just as predictions about the impending global boiling will, in time. Live without fear is my advice to you.

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