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Invasion by Criminals


The reasons I campaigned so hard for Brexit are, broadly, threefold: laws, money and borders. A country that has no control over these aspects of its citizens’ lives is not a country. A fair welfare system and a functioning NHS become unsustainable without borders.

Britain currently has no border to the South. Wave after wave of migrants turn up in Northern France and board small boats laid on by criminal gangs. They are assisted by the British coastguard and by various NGOs. They are not arrested by Kent police on arrival, as they should be. 

The so-called Stop The Boats Bill and Rwanda Bills are ludicrous, unnecessary and a waste of Parliamentary time. The Immigration Act 1971 has been law for fifty three years and it is a criminal offence to enter Britain without leave or valid entry clearance to do so. 

As they travel to Northern France and when they step on to those boats those men – and they are mainly men – are conspiring to commit offences under this act. They are committing those offences when they step off the boats in Britain. They should be arrested and charged.

They seem to rely on the defence that they are refugees or asylum seekers, but the Immigration Act is crystal clear about what that means:

Defences based on Article 31 (1) of the Refugee Convention 25-284


31.—(1) It is a defence for a refugee charged with an offence to which this section applies to show that, having come to the United Kingdom directly from a country where his life or freedom was threatened (within the meaning of the Refugee Convention), he— 


(a) presented himself to the authorities in the United Kingdom without delay; 

(b) showed good cause for his illegal entry or presence; and 

(c) made a claim for asylum as soon as was reasonably practicable after his arrival in the United Kingdom.

Illegal Immigration

My Stance

Illegal Immigration

I’ve added bold and Italics above to illustrate the key point. Not one of these boatmen has come to England directly from a country where his life is threatened. They have all come from France.

The proper thing to do would be to prosecute them for their criminal actions and let them run this defence if they have the evidence to support it. This approach would put the people smugglers out of business overnight and ensure no more lives are lost in the chill, murky waters of the English Channel. Instead these breakers of the British law - and customers of criminal gangs - are transported to hotels and housed at your expense.


Disastrous for Locals

Effects On Local Community

The effects of this on local communities are becoming glaringly apparent. Take the pretty market town of Kegworth in North West Leicestershire as an example.

Two years ago the Yew Lodge Hotel was a thriving establishment with a gym and a Marco Pierre White restaurant on the ground floor. It provided locals with both recreation and employment.

It is now shuttered and semi-derelict and the restaurant and gym have closed down while bands of undocumented migrants roam the town freely. This is the true cost of the open borders policy and it is being repeated nationwide.

51% of all illegal migrants in Leicestershire are being sent to our constituency. 

They are picking on you, and the vast majority of the Labour and Conservative parties are on board with the open borders policy. 

I say again to voters here – they are picking on you; and with a Labour or Conservative MP there will be nobody in Parliament trying to stop them.

Enforce Immigration Law

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Enforce Immigration Law

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