Protect Our Children

Protect Children From Militant Transgenderism

Reality Bites | The most important duty of any society is to protect its children. Ours has relieved itself of the obligation to do so because it has been bullied by a nasty mutation of the gay rights movement that has very little to do with gay people and even less to do with their rights. 

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, in his last conference speech, stated: “A man is a man and a woman is a woman,” and was cheered. 

How embarrassing.

That we have built a society where such a statement is a matter for debate – and making it greeted as a sign of muscular political leadership – is at once comical and terrifying. Can you imagine Margaret Thatcher or any other great leader of the Conservative Party wasting a second of that precious hour on the conference stage on such absurdity?

The leader of the Labour Party, meanwhile, is on the record saying that 99.9% of women haven’t got a penis. Some quick maths using the 2021 census figures tells us therefore that the man who wants to take over from Rishi Sunak in leading this great nation believes there are approximately 34000 women and girls in Britain who have penises. 

I say again, this would be comical if the consequences weren’t so serious. Effective policy relies on accurate data. If we do not count the number of men and women accurately we cannot give our population what it needs. How many mammograms will an NHS trust need to conduct this year? How many prostate exams? How many cells will a new women’s prison need? How many staff? 

If men are saying they are women and women are saying they are men the data that provides the answers to these questions and many like them will simply not exist.  A top CEO at a FTSE 100 company suddenly transitions to live as a woman. Abracadabra – the gender pay gap in that company disappears and the equality that women have been fighting for for decades along with it. 

If we allow truth to be made subjective in this way we are living in the dystopia described by George Orwell in ‘1984’

“The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

Labours Ben Bradshaw said the Bill to Protect Kids is “Nasty”
Labours Ben Bradshaw said the Bill to Protect Kids is “Nasty”

Frankenstein Comes Alive


The evidence of our eyes and ears tells us who is male and who is female. We are being bullied into rejecting it. This is bad enough but what is worse - far worse - is that we are mandating these perverse thought processes on our own children. Childhood and adolescence are confusing enough already. Feelings of identification with the opposite sex are common. In most cases it passes. 

The rush to shepherd these confused and often vulnerable children towards highly invasive, permanent and experimental medical procedures is in my view criminally negligent.

Performing castrations and mastectomies on – and grafting fake penises, Frankenstein-like, onto – otherwise healthy teenagers whilst pumping them full of puberty blockers will be remembered alongside lobotomies and electric shock therapy as examples of times the medical profession lost its collective mind.

It is another example of a rapacious medical and pharmaceutical industry running out of control. People who mess with their hormones at thirteen are likely to need some kind of medical treatment or another for the rest of their lives. 

It’s a great business model if all you care about is profit.


End of Innocence


Instead of protecting children from this madness, as we are duty bound to do, our teachers are encouraging them to engage with it.


Children are now taught in school that this is normal; they are taught that they may be able to pursue this peculiar mindset with medical treatment and that this is some kind of solution to their feelings. Most heinous of all, guidance for schools gives them the leeway to keep the fact that a child is questioning their gender away from their own parents. The schools are legally able to collude with them in keeping this dark shadow in a bright young child’s life away from the people who love them the most.

This is an assault by the state on family values and family life. 

Social transitioning – when a child changes their name, or asks people to use the incorrect pronouns to refer to them – is the first step along this dismal path.

Protect Children From Militant Transgenderism

Other children might be expected in schools to go along with this and regarded as bullying if they do not. Meanwhile sex education is becoming ever more graphic. Children as young as eight are being taught about masturbation, anal sex and other adult activities.

I tried to bring a ten minute rule bill to the House last year which would have propped up existing legislation in order to cap this well-spring of depravity and dystopian attacks on reality. My bill would have removed gender ideology and social transitioning from school curriculums. It would have imposed a legal requirement on teachers to notify parents if a child was showing interest in social transition and mandated the involvement of safeguarding leads and policies.

It would have given parents access to the sex education materials their children are being taught and the option to withdraw their children from those lessons. It was voted down by the few politicians from both main parties who bothered to turn up. That a bill that would have required parents to be informed about seismic events in their own children’s lives was described by Labour grandee Ben Bradshaw as “nasty” tells you everything you need to know about his party’s attitude to the family.  A key marker used by law enforcement professionals to detect sexual abuse of children is to identify inappropriate sexual knowledge. In my view the current school curriculum itself gives children that inappropriate sexual knowledge. This must end. 

Sadly the bill did not pass. There are not enough people in Parliament who see this as an urgent issue. I will continue to fight for the safety of all our children but the most troubling thing about that troubling day was how few MPs bothered to turn up. 

Because if people do not care about protecting children and the family, what do they care about? 

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