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Controlled by nobody.
Representing everybody.

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Politics Is No Longer About Right And Left. It's About Right And Wrong.

One answer to the question in red above is – Im a conservative. I have been a conservative my whole life. I believe our taxes should be low, the interference of the state in our lives should be minimal and that people who are truly free are most likely to achieve their potential and fulfil their dreams. The job of the state is to provide a safe environment within which citizens can thrive, with secure borders and effective and efficient public services. 

I have been the Member of Parliament for North West Leicestershire since 2010. For most of that time I was a representative of the Conservative and Unionist Party.  I am now Independent, and happy to be so. 

The Conservative and Unionist Party no longer seems to believe any of the things I do. They are, therefore, no longer conservatives. They have imposed the highest tax burden on you since the Second World War. They locked you up in your houses for months on end at the beginning of the 2020s on the say-so of bureaucrats and coerced many of you into medical interventions you did not want and that are not safe. They handed out billions of pounds of your money to other people. They have opened our borders to wave after wave of illegal migrants whose lifestyles they fund with your ever increasing taxes. 

There is a socialist stench about the Conservatives of 2024. They have become enslaved by a bizarre groupthink that would be comical if they werent using it as a basis to regulate and tax us out of existence. If you vote for them you might as well vote Labour.  

I have not changed. The Conservative and Unionist Party has.


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My Principles

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My Principles

Controlled by nobody. Representing everybody.

Enforce Immigration Law

Transgender Debate

Protect Children From Militant Transgenderism

Call Time On The Insanity Of Net Zero

Fight The WHO Power Grab

Expose Vaccine Harm

The Root of All Our Troubles

Monopolies Of Thought

Centralisation is the great evil of our time. Whether it is banking, healthcare, media or food supply, monopolies masquerading as “partnerships” have captured every aspect of public and private life. They mercilessly crush their competition and, along with it, the human spirit. 

Political parties are monopolies of thought. They are cartels of ideas. Their candidates are nothing but mannequins who will not be given sight of the manifestos they are supposed to believe in until months or years after they are selected to represent their parties, and weeks after the election campaign begins. 

They LITERALLY do not know what they stand for.

What those candidates DO know – and I know, and you know – is that they represent their parties, and their parties represent their donors. Whether those donors are trades unions or pharmaceutical companies, it is all the wrong way round.

I know exactly what I stand for, though I do not have policies. Policies are for parties, and I am an Independent. What I hold are principles in relation to  what I consider to be the key issues of the current times . These will guide the way I vote in the House of Commons if elected and they are laid out on this site. If you examine my record you know how I will represent you. 

I say again – I have not changed.

Andrew Bridgen MP North West Leicestershire

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Bring the Power Home

Decenteralisation for Revitalisation

We are going to do an experiment here in North West Leicestershire. We are going to see whether a local man with no party line to tow, whose only loyalty is to the people he grew up around, – who he lives amongst and will be buried beside – can be sent by those people to Parliament, fight every single day to represent their interests – and survive there.

You know I will never stop fighting – I have proved it for fourteen years now. Not fighting for what I believe, but for what I know you believe… because I am you. I am a rare thing indeed – a politician who believes his only boss is the electorate he serves. 

You will be told that supporting an Independent is pointless. A waste. But imagine if those green benches in Westminster were packed with hundreds of men and women who thought, as I do, that their bosses are in homes across their constituencies – not the ministerial office down the corridor, or the boardrooms in the City. 

Can you imagine what might happen then? That is the dream of democracy. 

It is a dream that is dying fast in this country but maybe – just maybe – we can keep it alive in this beautiful corner of England. 

Maybe then our dreams will prove contagious.




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Thank you Mr Bridgen for being the only MP brave enough to stand up for the rights of the british people

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Empty house once again!!!! WHEN WILL MPs BEGIN TO DO THEIR JOBS??? 🤬 Andrew Bridgen is the only honest, hardworking MP in Parliament. God bless Andrew Bridgen! ❤️

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Well done Mr Bridgen for going up.against the corrupt and criminal establishment. God bless you good Sir.

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