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Fight The WHO Power-Grab

Seven years ago 61% of constituents in North West Leicestershire voted to leave the European Union. Many did so on the basis that the regime in Brussels is an affront to national sovereignty, with the will of our Parliament in Westminster too often being relegated to the role of administrative boot boy.

At the height of the pandemic – when he wasn’t busy breaking his own absurd and hastily enacted laws – Boris Johnson was falling over himself to join in with the World Health Organisation’s bid to steal more of Parliament’s sovereignty. 

This thinly veiled megalomaniacal and fascistic power grab is a twin-track process, as the WHO seeks to reform existing International Health Regulations to give ever more power to itself and, simultaneously, sign member states up to its new Pandemic Preparedness Agreement. I spent many hours during the last parliament opposing both.

Fight The WHO Power-Grab

Fight The Power

Wrest Power Back From Brussels And Hand It Over To Geneva?

The World Health Organisation’s handling of the pandemic was a catastrophe. It allowed China to cover up the origin and spread of Covid 19 in the early days, it promoted the lockdowns and use of masks that has scarred a generation of children and it championed the roll out of the so-called Covid vaccines on the basis they prevent transmission even after it became obvious that they don’t. 


What those injectable experimental products have done, I believe, is cause a tsunami of excess death and disability worldwide. Incredibly there are moves afoot in the British Parliament to reward this stunning incompetence with sweeping powers to dictate what happens if there is a next time.

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Do Not Ignore Warnings From The Past

Lessons from the mid twentieth century tell us that autocratic regimes who take away their citizens’ freedoms will often do so in the name of health and security. The proposed reforms to the International Health Regulations would give the WHO a terrifying array of powers to overrule nations’ governments. The hope of the WHO is to finalise them by May of this year.

These measures would entitle the Director General of the World Health Organisation to declare a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC). The organisation also wants to give itself power to identify all risks with a potential to impact public health.” What does it mean by potential? What does it mean by impact? It prefers not to say. It will decide later, once ratification is in the bag.

No Dignity

The amendments remove a clause that says regulations should be implemented “with full respect for dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons.” In fact the document is in conflict with the International Declaration of Human Rights in many ways.

WHO Pays The Piper?

The WHO is riddled with conflicts of interest. Substantial portions of its income are dependant on organisations that are already heavily invested in the pharmaceutical industry. In other words, these proposals hand the power to mandate vaccines over to an organisation whose patrons benefit from the mandating of vaccines.

WHO’ll be watching you… and gagging me

Other worrying changes promote the use of bio surveillance regimes and censorship and propaganda measures to combat so-called misinformation - as defined, of course, by the WHO. It will require that member states “shall collaborate” in “countering the dissemination of false and unreliable information about public health events, preventive and anti epidemic measures and activity in the media, social networks and other ways of disseminating such information.”


So were these amendments to be implemented I probably would not be permitted to post this on my website.

Our Sovereignity Is Not Up For Debate

As I have always done - ever since the threat came from the EU - I will keep fighting for the sovereignty of our parliament. 

I asked for a vote on the IHR amendments in Parliament in July 2023. I led a debate in Westminster Hall about the changes to the International Health Regulations in December. 

I  also brought a bill to the House of Commons that will prevent the UK Government from giving our sovereignty away without a referendum. 

If elected i will keep making the argument that the Mother of Parliaments should never be subjugated to unelected bureaucrats - in Geneva, Brussels or anywhere else.

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