Expose Vaccine Harm

More People Are Dying Since The Roll Out Of So-Called Covid Vaccines

The issue of excess mortality affects every community and every constituency in the country, but other Members of Parliament were not willing to discuss or debate it.

To anyone who cares to look at the evidence it is irrefutable that many, many more people are dying these days. It is explicable only by looking at some very uncomfortable truths. The government and media refuse to look – and have offered no real explanation for the extra deaths. 

542,000 is the highest number of people to die in a year in England and Wales between 2010 and 2019.  607,000 – that was the number in 2020. A spike you would expect in a pandemic, as Covid hit and the elderly and vulnerable were very sadly taken from us. 

You would then expect a fall below average in the years following. There was no fall. 

577,000 was the number in 2022. 581,000 was the number in 2023. It is not returning to average. It is way above average.

Only I Will Talk About

The Elephant In The Room

Beginning at the end of 2020 the entire nation – myself included – was cajoled, persuaded, frightened and coerced into taking an injectable and experimental therapy which had not been tested over the longer term time frames normally used for such radical treatments. 

I was in favour of this then. I was conned like so many of you. These therapies have now been linked in many studies to a host of serious health problems.

Heart attacks, blood problems, strokes, cancers, nerve damage, eye problems, ear problems – the list goes on, and it continues to grow.  Meanwhile the number of people making new claims for Personal Independence Payments (PIPs) is also heading in the wrong direction – 11% up in the third quarter of 2023 compared with the year before. 

All I have ever said – and will continue to say until my last breath – is that the possibility of causation between the mass deployment of these treatments and the spike in deaths, disability and poor health MUST be looked at.  All that the leadership of the Conservative Party and the Labour Party will say is that Covid vaccines are safe. 

They repeat it like a mantra… and people keep on dying.

Andrew Bridgen

A Lone Voice In Parliament

I raised concerns about this in December 2022 when the government was planning to give these jabs to babies as young as six months old. Please watch the following videos.


Trends in Excess Deaths Westminster Hall Debate

But the highlight of this brutal campaign for the truth was the debate I secured in Westminster Hall on 16th January 2023 which you will find at the top of this page.

Efficacy of the mRNA Covid-19 Booster

I again spoke on the safety and efficacy of the boosters using UKHSC and ONS data on the 17th March 2023. Within weeks the boosters were restricted to the over 75s.

Adjournment Debate on Trends in Excess Deaths

I made the first speech in the UK Parliament on Trends in Excess Deaths on 20th October 2023. I had to ask for this debate 27 times.

Ron Warmington clip from Storm on the Horizon

Ron Warmington - the forensic accountant instrumental in uncovering the Horizon scandal - says it better than I ever could.

Expose Vaccine Harm

Vaccine Harm


"If this is not a matter of consequence, Ron Warmington says in the above clip, I don’t know what the hell is"

But the house was largely empty every time I brought it up; and the bodies continue to pile up.. 

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Highest annual number of deaths in England and Wales 2010-2019

0 %

Level excess death is running above average since the vaccine rollout


Number of three hour debates that have so far been allowed on this subject


Number of MPs – out of 650 – who attended the debate I did manage to hold

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