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In 2023 I was cast adrift by the Conservative and Unionist Party for speaking the truth about what I believe will turn out to be the most disastrous government policy decision – and largest medical malpractice scandal – in history.

I was generously given a temporary political home by the Reclaim Party but since we have parted ways, from a funding perspective, I am on my own.

To give you an idea of the role political parties play in funding their candidates consider that the annual turnover of the Conservative and Unionist Party is around £25 million. 

The Labour Party receives more than £5m in donations, roughly the same again in government grants as His Majesty’s Opposition and membership fees on top. 

It is my opinion that influencing and lobbying of these political parties is achieved through the way they are funded. 

The good news is that if hundreds of MPs and candidates can be funded by £25 million I can stand alone and represent the interests of the people of North West Leicestershire for a tiny fraction of that… but the fact of the matter is that I cannot fight this battle without money. 

If you care about the issues I raise and you want to help me strengthen my platform then contribute to my work today. 

Your money will be used to pay for video content, researchers, speech writers and other campaign costs such as vehicle maintenance and travel.

I will always be transparent about how much is being raised and what it is being spent on. Indeed as a parliamentary candidate I am required to be. I am not trying to make a fortune by doing this. I am trying to keep democracy alive.

Please help if you can.. and don’t think £5 doesn’t make a difference. It makes all the difference. Thank you

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My Principles

Controlled by nobody. Representing everybody.

Enforce Immigration Law

Transgender Debate

Protecting Children From Militant Transgenderism

Calling Time On The Insanity Of Net Zero

Fight The WHO Power Grab

Expose Vaccine Harm