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 Bridgen vs Hancock: Update

Bridgen vs Hancock Update: My Statement on the case

Mr Bridgen welcomes the decision of Mrs Justice Steyn to allow this important case to continue to a trial. A strike out is a high-risk strategy often used by defendants who are worried about the prospect of a trial, and in this case it failed, thus making clear that there is nothing wrong with the substance of the claim. 

On the point in question, the Court said at [75] that “the pleading is not only capable of being cured, it is highly likely that the claimant would have little difficulty establishing reference innuendo”. having noted at [70] the “numerous replies on Twitter to the defendant’s Tweet which indicate that the reader was aware that it was about the Claimant.  

At [79] the court also rejected the argument that the pleading was circular, noting that Mr Hancock’s choice of question could give rise to an inference that he anticipated readers would know exactly who it was about.  

The tweet Mr Bridgen put out regarding vaccine harms and excess deaths in January 2023 which resulted in his expulsion from the Conservative Party was not just not anti-semitic, it was true and based on evidence, evidence which gets stronger by the day. 

Mr Bridgen hopes the Government will take note of this Judgement and suspend the experimental, emergency use of mRNA vaccines with immediate effect.

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